A Proven, Group Business Coaching Program IN A BOX!

Own a Proven, Pre-Built, group 'Business coaching' system.

(WITHOUT you having to design, build, or create a single piece of your program & system)

License your own White Label 
group 'Business coaching' System

Access To Our Tech Team & Coaches For 
your assistance and best Success

Earn money in as little as 72-hours & 
6+ Figure potential in 9-months

What Our System Will Provide You:

Pre-Build Group Coaching Programs

We provide multiple comprehensive, well-designed curriculums with all the content, videos, worksheets, pdf's that are white labeled for your business. These multi-week courses are segmented into various business building strategies. 
(Without you building a single thing!)

Turn Key Software System

Our million dollar automated system provides everything for you to run your programs that are all pre-loaded. We've done all the work for you. Simply point and click which program you want to run. Then simply add your coaching clients and hit GO!

Give You Scalability

Using the system you license from us, it will be easier than ever to scale your business and on-board many clients who will gladly pay you every single month for the group coaching programs you provide them.

Generating New Clients

Using our Focus Group/Event Mastery Events either online or in-person enable you to generate prospects and paying clients anytime you want to. 

No Need To Learn any Tech

We provide you access to our team of tech professionals that will setup your entire system for you. This includes your websites, software, crm or email system, merchant account system and so much more! 

Expert Branding

We will also provide you with your own professionally designed coaching website along with two marketing books branded 
for you as the expert. 

We never touch the revenue you generate from your clients

You Own Everything And Your Client's Payments Go Directly To You!

Are you someone who works with small to medium sized businesses to help them grow their sales & revenues?

If so, have you been struggling to create a scalable group coaching program and truly live the lifestyle that you want?

If so?

Then CoachingAccelerator™ is the system is for you, and provides you the opportunity to start generating income within 72-hours from the time you get started.

And as part of our unique guarantee, we even will work along-side you and help you get your first (10) group business coaching clients.

With our large team of seasoned coaches who have been in the business coaching space for over 40+ years, we've created a one of a kind system where we take:

Our proven, pre-made business coaching trainings, platform(s), system(s), operating procedures, and more, and let you sell/use it on your own, and even help you get started.

We're not like most programs out there that "Teach you" how to start a coaching business, because we ACTUALLY build it for you and eliminate the biggest factor...Time.

If you're interested, click the button below to watch a (x)-minute video explaining the system in more detail.

Testimonials from just a few of Our
950+ Coaches in 25-different countries:

- Jennifer R.

"Just closed a $24,000 contract with a local health company, using the presentation in the System. In the past 8 weeks I’ve closed about $61,000 worth of new business. (some in contracts- so not all paid up front.) This stuff really works..."

- Jason E.

"A total of $37,434 business closed + potential (equates to $449,210 in per annum) Not bad for a college drop-out, eh?"

- Don V.

"Just closed my first client using the System. $997/month with a $997 setup fee. A few more follow-ups before my March event. This process works!"

- Juan V.

"Had a prospect reach out to me after seeing me on LinkedIn. I used the System and closed her on the spot for a $1,997 monthly retainer (12 month agreement) and 10% contingency of revenues. Feels amazing when clients chase you."

Why Using CoachingAccelerator™ is the superior choice:

Building A Coaching System
"the Normal Way":

  • Spend Time Mapping-Out Your Program
  • Record your content and trainings
  • Create Transcripts, Templates, and Swipe-documents.
  • ​ Create Your Teaching Platform(s)
  • ​ Build Your Websites & Sales Processes
  • ​ Develop Branding and Status
  • ​ Create An Automated Enrollment Process
  • ​ Implement a Client Generation System
  • ​Turn this all into a sustainable, Long-Term Business
  • ​Spend hours and hours away from doing what you love!

Licensing the
CoachingAccelerator™ system:

  • Spend More Time Earning Money instead of Creating
  • ​Pre-Built Group Coaching Platform & System
  • Pre-Made Content, Contracts, and Templates
  • ​ Access to Your Own White-label, Training Library w 200+ Hours of Content For Your Clients
  • ​ Our Team Will Build Your Websites, Sales Processes, and Brand You as a Marketing Expert
  • ​ Implement Our Proven Client Generation System
  • ​Own a sustainable, Long-Term Business
  • ​ Have More FREE TIME to do the things you love!

 Get started in 3 simple steps:

Step #1:

Watch Our Introduction Video

Click the button below to go to the next page and watch our short, (x)-minute video that will show you all of the (Number) tools & resources and bonuses this system provides you with, and how you can start earning money in 72-hours!
  • PreBuilt Coaching Program
  • Software System
  • Branding 
  • Bonuses

Step #2:

Schedule Your "Launch Call"

Once the intro video is over, you'll be given the opportunity to schedule a (x)-minute session with our one of our team.  On that call we will:
  • Answer any Questions
  • Layout the Offer
  • Create a Customized Plan

Step #3:

Get Access, Generate Revenue, 
And We'll Get To Work!

After your "Launch Call" and when you join us, we will schedule your first onboarding call with out team. Within 48-hours you will be provided access to your NEW group coaching software platform. We will take you through the process to begin added coaching clients immediately.
  • We will guide you through your entire journey, and work with you PERSONALLY, until you reach 6-figures.

Don't Run The Marathon, 
Let Us Bring You To The Finish-Line.

We all know the saying, "Time is money".

Our most valuable asset is not money, it's our time.

When you spend money, you can get the money back. But if you spend time on something, you will NEVER get that time back.

That was the most prevalent problem we saw with those trying to create group coaching program.

You know that having a program will be easy to scale and let you live the life you've always wanted, but you simply don't have the time (Or clarity) to create your program.

That is exactly why we created CoachingAccelerator™.
Let us save you the time and effort, and take the guessing game out of creating a valuable group 'Business Coaching' Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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